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Trout Fishing Tips: How to Catch Trout – Fisherreel Tactics

Trout fishing tips
Written by Simon Michel
Last Update: July 24, 2023

Have you ever questioned yourself why everyone is catching big trout except you? Why few of the anglers getting all the fishes? You might think that they have all the luck, yes in some cases luck make the difference but at the end without expertise luck can’t take you further. The reason behind a successful angler is they have mastered the art of angling and water mastery. There are no shortcut trout fishing tips. Either you learn the tips and tricks or continue with what you got.

To learn the techniques of trout fishing, you have to be patient and calm. Loud hunter is not a hunter at all. If you alert the fish before even starting the game, chances are that you cannot fish at all. Understandings of the water and its current are very crucial for a trout hunter because 90% of the fish remains in 10% of the water.

Trout live most of their longevity in the cold, shallow water stream or river. Some of their subspecies like Rainbow trout spend three years in the ocean then come back into the fresh water for spawning. So, you also need to know the phase of your best chance to get the bigger trout with a little effort. Knowing trout fishing rigs is also a part of your trout fishing adventure. More you spend your time in the water more you learn about trout; however, it is always better to equip with some quick hacks for fishing trout. We will show you some best tips about trout fishing; as a result, fishing for trout in lakes and rivers will turn into great fun.

Trout Fishing Tips

1. Time of the Day

Time is crucial if you want to catch some trout in a short time. Arriving in the spot after all the fun and leaving the place before the start of the game is often a play of armature anglers, so please learn the habits of the trout. When they roam, when they eat, when they sleep, this collective information soon will make you a hunter. So, the best fishing time is in the warmer season. In summer the best time of day to fish are early morning and late evening. In the spring and fall, its best to go around dusk.

Time of day - Trout fishing tips

2. Reading the Current

This is the most complicated thing you have to learn for trout fishing. Although after having the ability to read the water current, it will be easy for you to determine the placing of your bait. Try to find out what will happen to your leader before throwing it into the water somewhat after doing it. It will take some time to achieve this kind of mastery; however, this ability can put your name on the top of the chart in your area.

Read the current - Trout fishing tips

3. Approaching Stealthily

Fish the water close to you before wading into the water. If you alarm the fishes, that you are already here for them, then you should not fish in the first place. Shallow water can hold huge fish but the last thing you want to do is wade into the water and let the small fishes scurrying into the water to warn big fishes. This is sometimes an impossible task to hold, but wait for some while and let the fish settle if you already wade into the water.

Approach and Stealth

4. Leader Length

Make as long a leader as possible, because it will give stealthier presence into your fishing. A long leader is more comfortable to handle than a small leader. Practicing more and more will improve your leader movement ability. If it’s windy, then you may use the short leader for higher output. But on a typical day with no wind 12ft leader is the minimum requirement, 15ft is recommended.

Leader length

5. Fishing Lines

Don’t die to find the best fishing line for trout. Focus on what suits you best. There are huge collections of fishing lines available in the market. There is no fishing rod, lure or trick that can help you if your fishing line is not up to the task. Choose the line poorly and be sure to see your prize going away. Power Pro Braided, Stren High Impact, KastKing Mega8 are some of the best fishing lines for trout available in the trade.

Fishing lines

6. Fishing Reels

A strong fishing reel is the highest grade of a weapon in an angler’s arsenal. Without a good fishing reel, catching fish will be a waste of time and energy. Different kinds of trout demand different reels. Distinct trout requires special reels. Such as BG spinning reel is suitable for speckled trout fishing, one the other hand Okuma Ceymar Lightweight Spinning Reel  is good for Rainbow trout fishing.

Fishing reels

If you can care for this thing which is mention above, soon you will see astonishing results. Achieving greater accomplishment depends on your ability to cope with these ideas that are explained to you. Be a pusher rather than a quitter. Hope for your greater success in the world of trout hunting.

About the author

Simon Michel

The plight of life sometimes takes you to extremes of nature and guess what, you learn the best lessons in your most difficult times. As a keen sea explorer with several years spent in yachts business, I had damn busy schedules throughout 13 years of my career. I used to free my mind from my mundane days in the sea with extreme fishing expeditions when this became not just a fun activity, but a life saver. You could say, I employed most types of fishing techniques but nothing felt better than fly fishing. That drew my whole attention for a good number of reasons. I mean, it’s an amazing feeling when you are in a light mood with buddies munching snacks and casting the fishing road. I look forward to making the most of my leisure time with this fantastic sport.

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