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Do Polarized Sunglasses Help Fishing?

Written by Simon Michel
Last Update: July 24, 2023

Do polarized sunglasses help fishing?

Yes, these glasses do help you see fish by blocking out the blinding glare caused by light that reflects off of shiny surfaces such as sand, water, or snow.

With polarized sunglasses, you essentially use a filter to look beyond that glare and see through the water more clearly.

How Polarized Sunglasses Help Fishing?

Remove glare

Remove glare

Can you even look at the picture? If not then tell us then how will you fish?

When the sunlight hits surfaces like snow, water and open roads, the horizontal reflection of that light dramatically blind your vision. This is called blinding glare that has several levels of intensity.

I’m sure you’ve experienced it. Glare is responsible for eye strain and squint. In addition to that, longer exposure leads to headache.

You surely can’t concentrate on fishing but polarized sunglasses can help by blocking the glare.

block glare

Chemical treatments are vertically applied on polarized lenses. The reflection of sunlights enters into the eyes horizontally and then the vertical pattern removes the horizontal light.

As a result, you get a clear vision of the water surface.

Eliminate the effect of harmful rays


Eliminate the effect of harmful rays

If you don’t guard your eyes from UV rays, you may have blurred vision, keratitis (burns the cornea), and excessive tearing and sensitivity depending on your exposure to the sun.

In extreme cases, your eyelids may develop cancer and some even go blind.  So, there is no doubt polarized sunglasses are a lifesaver.

Protection from objects

You don’t know what will happen when you’re in the great outdoors. Your eyes may be hurt by flying debris or you may even have burning eyes after a day on the waters.

Polaroid sunglasses are a great help in these circumstances.

Materials for lenses


Scratch-resistant lenses are known to facilitate clear vision but they are expensive. You may also not find them comfortable because of their heavy weight. They may slide down through your nose quite often when you are sweaty.


This lightweight material is easily affordable and does not slide through your face like glasses though it gets scratched easily.  This means you’ve to always take extra care of your pair.


Aside from being low-priced yet highly durable, Acrylic has a reputation for the best prevention of glare.

Colors for lenses


Gray Colors lenses

Gray is the all-rounder in the sunglasses industry. Whether for driving, Fishing, or playing, gray serves all purposes. The most fascinating feature of this color is its excellent natural contrast.  

There is one downside though – you cannot use it in low-light conditions.


Brown lens

Amber suits low light conditions and great for everyday wear.  The color is also known for covering almost all types of fishing weather conditions, especially if the game is visible.

Have you heard about blue lights? Your television, phone and computer screen emit them. Copper/amber/brown lenses protect your eyes from them as well!


Yellow lens

Since yellow lenses allow more light into your eyes, they are best for dark, cloudy and foggy weather.

In fact, many use them when wearing a pair of sunglasses isn’t really needed. You can call them the ultimate protection gear for your eyes at night or in low light conditions.

That’s the reason night vision sunglasses are mostly yellow  lenses and you better not use them on sunny days.


Blue lens

Blue is your best companion if you fish in the sea on a regular basis since they protect your eyes from extreme glares effectively.

Even if you’re not into fishing, don’t forget to wear them when you spend a lazy day on the beach.


Green lens

With high visibility and contrast, this is the perfect lens color for shallow water and inshore anglers.

Which color is best for you?

Glasses with a green mirror finish outside and bronze or copper or amber inside are good for inshore fishing. You can use them in the rivers, bays or shallow waters.

Yellow lenses are for low-light conditions e.g. early mornings and sunsets. Gray’s versatility helps cover offshore and inshore equally while a blue mirror finish outside and gray inside suits offshore fishing.

 How to find the perfect pair of glasses?

We recommend that you don’t buy online because different shapes and sizes suit different face types.

If you can’t get your best fit, the purpose of wearing sunglasses will be in vain.

You also need to factor in the weather and light conditions where you will be fishing.

Why is the curvature of the lense needed?

Why is the curvature of the lense needed

If it’s flaring outside or windy then go for curved sunglasses that don’t allow any light/wind to pass through the top of or below the eyes.  A 9 base curve will be your standard here.


1. Why do fishermen like polarized sunglasses?

Ans. They provide a clear view of the reversior so fishermen can locate fish. Finding fish is quite difficult with bare eyes on a sunny day because glares cause squinting to the eyes. Also, polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from UV rays and harmful air particles.

2. How do polarized glasses help fishing?

Ans. They neutralize the relentless impact of glares that help stop squinting to locate the fish.

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