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Carbon Fiber vs Graphite Fishing Rod
Written by Simon Michel
Last Update: September 4, 2023

Both carbon fiber and graphite fishing rods are made of the same components. Both of them are carbon-based. The major difference is carbon is an element while graphite is made up of carbon in a specific way.

Here we will look into the pros and cons of carbon and graphite fishing rods and how they differ.

Pros of graphite fishing rods

  • Strength

A graphite rod transfers the power of your hand and places that in the line. This strength refers to the line speed to reduce the casting distance as well as the power to cast sinking the lines and the heavy flies.

  • Land more fish 

The graphite rods are rigid, making them perfect for handling resistant fish. With this, you catch more fish in the better condition.

  • Sensitivity

Graphite fishing rods are more sensitive to fish’s moment. You can detect a fish’s moment from distance, feel the fish bite on the hook and there’s no chance of a miss.

  • Lightweight

These rods are incredibly lightweight. This makes it the ideal choice to improve your casting skill and handle more lengths with higher weights of the line.

Cons of graphite rods

  • Prone to physical damage

While strong, the material is prone to damage and may break when folded deep into thin sections.

  • Expensive

Graphite is a costly material because of its formation and production process. Most of the high-performance rods are expensive and not suitable for the budget-conscious buyer.

Pros of carbon fishing rods

  • Long-lasting

Carbon fiber fishing rods do not break down easily. It is a most durable fishing rod. It can be used for decades without trouble.

  • Flexible

Carbon fishing rods are better flexible and lightweight in design. It shifts the vibration into a rod at the fishing bit.

  • Toughness

A carbon fishing rod has the quality that it is tough against physical damage. You can catch heavy and stubborn fish with carbon rods without fear of a break.

  • Lengthy

Carbon fiber rods are usually lengthy and flexible. It helps do deep fishing in the sea. You can move the hook faster with lengthy carbon rods.

  • Cheap

Carbon fiber rods are pocket-friendly because they are not much costly. You can get carbon fiber fishing rods in your budget.

Cons of carbon fishing rods

  • Low sensitivity

Carbon rods are lightweight but less sensitive to fish’s moment. You cannot detect fish from distance and so you can miss sometimes but you can prevent it with your skill.

  • Stubborn

Carbon fishing rods need more force to bend while fighting a fish. It is a hurdle in fly fishing. Thus, carbon rods are required more force to bend.

Carbon Fiber vs Graphite Fishing Rod: How Do They Differ?

  • Your fishing technique

If you are looking for durability in catching big resistant fish, carbon rods are the best option for you. Carbon rods are lengthy and un-breakable. If you are concerned with sensitivity while fishing, then you should get a graphite rod. It is more-sensitive material than carbon.

  • Weight

Lightweight fishing rods have fineness without fumbling. Carbon fiber is a stable and strong material but graphite is the lightest material. So, graphite fishing rods are more lightweight than carbon fiber fishing rods.

  • The action

The action defines the bent of your fishing rod when you put pressure. It can be fast, moderate, and high. Carbon fiber rods are highly flexible but tough showing moderate action. Graphite rod has much fast action.

  • Durability

The main difference between carbon fiber and graphite fishing rods is durability. Carbon rods are more durable and long-lasting that can stand for more than 20 years. Graphite fishing rods are vulnerable to physical damage.

  • Sensitivity

The biggest difference between carbon fiber and graphite fishing rods is sensitivity. Graphite fishing rods are amazingly sensitive while carbon fiber rods are less sensitive. You can feel the bite of fish from the bottom with a graphite fishing rod.

  • Power

The carbon fiber rod is heavy power needs more force to bent, good for quick fish pulling and hook-setting. While graphite fishing rods need needs less force to bend while fishing, better in the light lure.

  • Cost

The cost is making a huge difference over here. Graphite fishing rods are highly expensive in the market. The carbon rods are much cheaper compare to graphite rods.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Fishing Rod

  • Look

Whenever, you go to choose a fishing rod, always consider its appearance. Choose a spinning fishing rod. It is better to choose a carbon-based material spinning rod.

  • Experience Level

The experience level is important for lure enhancement in the sea. You must have level 12 while choosing a fishing rod.

  • Balancing with your reel

Check that your spinning fishing rod is balanced with your reel. To check, you have to hold the start of real between your middle and ring finger. The balance point is where your ring finger rests on the rod.

  • Weight

You should choose lightweight fishing rods. The graphite fishing rod is the most light-weighted. Lightweight rods help to get more lures in the sea.

  • General feel

Your convenience is most important in choosing fishing rods. If you are comfortable with a fishing rod and it seems good for you, you must buy it.

  • Warranty and after-sale service

When purchasing either carbon fiber or graphite fishing rod, you must choose a brand having a good reputation in the industry. The warranty of the rod should be looked at before choosing it.

When should you use a carbon fiber fishing rod?

You should use a carbon fiber fishing rod when you are looking for durability, toughness, and pocket-friendly fishing rods. It is the cheaper and more durable rod.

When should you use a graphite fishing rod?

You should use a graphite fishing rod when you need more sensitivity, lure, flexibility, and lightweight. If you want to feel fish bite on your hook from the bottom, you should use a graphite fishing rod.

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