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Ice Fishing Gear for Anglers: A Complete Checklist to Follow

Ice fishing gear
Written by Immanuel Baranov
Last Update: July 24, 2023

Ice fishing is a challenging job for both amateur and professional anglers. Undoubtedly, you have a great heart and enthusiasm if you love ice fishing. It does not matter whether you are a professional angler or a recreational angler; you must take some preparations to go for ice fishing. You must choose and take all the necessary ice fishing gear with you. So, here is an ice fishing gear checklist for you.

Ice Fishing Gear for Anglers – Line, Hooks, Rods, and Reels

Ice Fishing Gear

1. Ice Fishing Line

The type of the line will depend on the type of fish you are targeting. You might want a monofilament fishing line that has some stretch. If you are targeting the predator fishes like pike, walleye, and lake trout, you should choose the dark-colored braided line for ice fishing.

2. Hooks

Keeping some extra hooks with you will never hurt you. Choose the hook according to the line you use and the fishes you target to catch.

3. Ice Fishing Reels

Ice fishing reels are the smallest versions of the open water fishing reels. A 500 or 1000 size ice fishing reel is the most convenient for use with a short rod and a very light line. This is a must-have ice fishing gear.

4. Ice Fishing Rods

Find the best ice fishing rods or poles that are not tall. Short rods are efficient for ice fishing, and they fit well with the ice fishing reels.

Ice Fishing Clothing

Ice Fishing Clothing

1. Boots

Waterproof insulated boots are the must-have ice fishing gears. You must keep your feet warm to have an enjoyable ice fishing experience. Otherwise, you might face a horrible condition.

2. Gloves

Gloves are as important the boots as ice fishing gears because your fingers need protection from the frigid temperature and the chilling wind. Ice fishing gloves should be waterproof, but it should feature flip-open finger cover to deal with the fishing line easily.

3. Base Layers

Base layers do not allow your body to be frozen by keeping your body-warmth close to your skin. They help you keep your body heat inside. Long underwear is a popular choice of the base layer, and it works well. Choose the fabric that does not allow the air to pass.

4. Outerwear

Proper pants and jackets are important ice fishing gear. The best ice fishing pants and jackets should be windproof, insulated, and obviously waterproof. Ice fishing bibs are considered the most appropriate pants for the ice fishing.

5. Headwear

Wear the hat that keeps your head covered. Don’t wear something too heavy but make sure that your head is covered.

6. Ice Augers

There are three types of ice augers to create ice holes in the frozen lakes. Any one of the following augers will be enough for your job.

7. Hand Powered Augers

Hand powered augers are old-fashioned but effective. The work will keep you warm, and it’s not noisy.

8. Gas Powered Augers

Power augers are easy to use but cost more. They also make some noise.

9. Electric Augers

Electric augers are both easy to use and do not make that much of noise but they are expensive.

10. Electronic Ice Fishing Gear

You might use an ice flasher or a digital fish finder to measure the depth of the ice and water under the surface. You might want to choose a fish finder or ice flasher that provides you with a clear indication or illustration of the fishes under the ice. The fish finders with the GPS tracking option are the best electronic ice fishing gears for you.

Other Must-Have Accessories

Ice Fishing Accessories

1. Fillet Knife

Electric fillet knife has a lot of uses when it comes to cleaning a fish. You can use a fillet knife to do other things as well.

2. Portable Chair

You cannot expect to stand and catch fish all day long, and you cannot sit on the ice. So, it’s wise to bring a small portable chair with you.

3. Pliers

Use pliers to cut the line and straighten the hook.

4. Small First Aid Kit

You never know when you might get bitten by a fish or cut your finger with the line or the hook.

5. Small Fish Bucket

You can keep the fishes on the ice, but it’s better to keep them in the bucket.

6. Ice Fishing Sled

As a fishing tool, ice fishing sled can be very convenient. It carries all of your ice fishing gears in it. Choose the ice fishing sled that accommodates all your gears in it.

These are the ice fishing gears that you should always consider to take with you when you are planning to go for ice fishing. Ice fishing can be a great source of fun in the cold atmosphere if you take all the necessary steps before going for it. Ignoring the must-have fishing gears might make your ice fishing experience a catastrophe. So, you can check the above list before going out for ice fishing.

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