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How Do You Assemble a Telescopic Fishing Rod? – 3 Easy Steps

Telescopic fishing rod
Written by Immanuel Baranov
Last Update: March 8, 2022

A fishing rod is a large, bendable rod used to hook fish. We can say it very; a fishing rod is a simple rod or sticks joined to a line finishing in a hook (traditionally known as an angle, hereafter the term angling). The size of the pole can differ amongst 2 and 20 feet (0.61 and 6.10 m). To lure fish, draw or baits are speared on single, or many hooks joined to the line. The line is usually stocked on a reel that decreases masses and supports in landing a fish.

Conventionally, fishing poles are prepared from bamboo, though new poles are typically made from fiberglass or carbon fiber. The indifference with nets, which are usually used in casual fishing and commercial fishing, fishing poles are more frequently used in leisure fishing and competitive casting. Fishing poles come in many lengths, purpose, size, and formations depending on whether they are to be used for small, average or big fish or in diverse fresh or salt water circumstances. There are several fishing poles intended for fishing with precision. Fly fishing poles are used to cast artificial flies, and spinning poles and lure casting poles are aimed to cast baits or lures.

Types of Fishing Pole

  • Carbon-Fiber pole
  • Fly pole
  • Tenkara pole
  • Spin and Bait Casting pole
  • Spinning pole
  • Ultra-Light pole
  • Ice pole
  • Sea pole
  • Surf pole
  • Trolling pole
  • Telescopic pole

Telescopic poles are made in a way such that operator can collapse it to even a foot or lengthen it to even 30 feet so that user can use it the way they need. Consequently, these fishing poles can be folded in a small place and are portable. This pole is very easy to travel with. The telescopic fishing poles can glide within each other to open and close. These poles are made of graphite, Carbon and occasionally fiberglass too. Telescopic poles need as much care as other poles. Telescopic rods are very popular among surf fishers. Sougayilang and PLUSINNO telescopic fishing rods are some of the most popular fishing rods. Combo deals are available for a telescopic fishing rod and reel.


Things You Will Need to Assemble a Telescopic Fishing Rod

  • A telescopic fishing rod
  • A Reel
  • A Fishing Line
  • A Lure
  • A Pair of Scissors

You need to understand how you can place a line on a reel. For this, you need to take the reel and open the bail arm. Let’s tie the bail arm on the line. Now, after you have tied the knot on the bail arm, you should close it. Beginners must take a caretaker along with them to insert a pencil through the line holder. This will make the task more straightforward for you. Moreover, remember that you need to keep the line tight. If the line is not sufficiently tight, you may encounter complications because of bends and kinks.


Step 1: Mounting the Reel

If you want to attach the reel, you need to start with cutting the line once the reel is full. Though the reel needs not be over full. Staple the line. The majority of the reels come with a line clip on the side. Near the grip of the pole lies the actual mount. You have to glide the reel into the mount. The last step is to tighten up the screw of the mount. Your reel is now mounted.


Step 2: Bring the Line Through Line Guides

You have to bring the line through line guides. To do this, unclip the line first and open the bail arm. You need to put the line into the line guides. When you have finished this, you will see there is almost a meter of the line coming out of the top line guide, close the bail arm. You are almost done.


Step 3: Attach Your Lure

You need to tie on the lure and cut off the extra line. Congratulation! You’re ready to go fishing any time!


Whether you go fishing in the saltwater such as a sea or a freshwater body like a river, you need to choose the right fishing pole for you. If you bring a traditional long pole with you. Because transporting a full-length pole is very difficult, telescopic fishing rods are made in such a manner so that you can fold it down to a small size. That’s why it became trendy amongst modern people.

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