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What Size Hooks for Trout Fishing: A Brief Introduction by Fishing Experts

Best Hooks for Trout Fishing: A Brief Introduction by Fishing Experts
Written by Simon Michel
Last Update: July 24, 2023

Trout are cold water fish. Most of the trout live in freshwater lakes and rivers. Though, some unique kind spends a few years of their lifespan into the sea and come back to fresh water for the spawn. Trout are very much similar to Salmon and Char. However, trout belongs to the genre Oncorhynchus, Salmo, and Salvelinus. To begin with Oncorhynchus genre includes pacific salmon and trout then, Salmo genre consists of Atlantic salmon and various trout after that, Salvelinus genre which includes Char and trout. Trout are little bony but considerably tasty. They are puffed with protein because most of their lives they live on insects, small fishes, and fish eggs. They count as an oily fish.

The trout is hard to catch due to its ferocity and speed. So, catching trout may present you a strong game to play. So, you need to gather the essential fishing gear and accessories like trout fishing lures, hooks, and fishing lines. Trout are very intelligent; besides they know the action of current very well while an angler tries to pull it up above water level. There are many sorts of designed hooks can be used for trout. We are going to show some of those exclusive lures which can provide you enough support to catch a big one.

What Size Hooks for Trout Fishing: Trout Hook Size Guide

There are two measuring systems are being used in the fishing world. For instance,

1. Hook Size Measurement Expression Using Fraction

In one measurement system, fishing hook size is expressed in fraction. In fractional measurement system an integer number is always occupy the numerator position where a zero occupies the denominator position. For example, if you see two hook sizes 2/0 and  1/0, it means that the first hook is size is larger than the second hook.

2. Hook Size Measurement Expression Using Integer Number

This system use integer number. In this system the bigger number does not mean it is a large hook. It’s almost the reverse system of Hook Size with Zero (aught). So if you see two fishing hooks numbering 1 and 12 that means the 12 one is the smallest one and the one is the largest.

hook without zero

Types of Hooks

Most of the anglers stick to a specific hook for their entire lives, which, has a fixed size and material. But, it can be very useful in some situation where precise options are needed. Single hook is the main choice for anglers to catch trout. However, double or treble hooks can come in handy in different circumstances. Though double and treble hooks are good, sometimes it can be a spoil sport by damaging the eyes of the game. Some of the best fishing hooks are given below.

1. Single Hooks

This one is the best for trout fishing. Anglers love this one for the durability and success rate while catching trout. Rainbow trout is the largest among other variants. If you are interested to rainbow trout fishing, a single hook is the top choice for that.

  • A wide variety of shapes and sizes
  • Strike rate is high
  • Usual bait
  • Less damaged trophy

single hook

2. Double Hooks

Double hook is simply two hooks joined together. The smaller size is used for fishing.

  • Strike rate is medium
  • Power bait
  • Durable

Double hook

3. Treble Hooks

Treble hook is three hooks joined in an angle along the shank for special usage. Only smaller size is used for fishing trout. Fish can be damaged severely if it’s not tackled with caution.

  • Spinning and troll bait
  • Can cause high damage
  • Not so common
  • Used in high tide

Treble hook

4. Barbless Hooks

If you want to catch trout only for trophy and fun, then the barbless hook is your only option. Because it causes less damage to Fish’s mouth and they can survive if released. Some water only allows you to use a barbless hook, in that case, this hook will be your best mate.

  • Damage is rate almost zero
  • The only use for trophy hunting
  • Can be used in any water

Barbless Hook

Just like musky fishing is to musky enthusiasts, trout fishing is a fun game for trout hunters. So, if you want to become a professional angler or trout hunter, these hooks will be your friends in need. Ask for more inquiries about what size hooks for trout fishing, purchase, price, and others.

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