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How to Maintain Fishing Reel Gadgets – Explained in 6 Step

how to maintain fishing reel
Written by Immanuel Baranov
Last Update: July 24, 2023

Buying and using should not be the only focal point of any customers. Products demand for its maintenance as well. Moreover, if you desire for longevity of your product you should care to maintain its well-being too.

The same logic applies for fishing reels as well no matter whether you’re having the best musky reel or fly fishing reel. People love fishing with the help of fishing reels but often forget to take a good care of it. Even if you know how to maintain reels that is not enough. Fishing reels gadgets are the crucial components that protect the reel. You should take measures to sustain its durability. So, we have provided here some instructions that you can utilize in your daily life to maintain fishing reels gadgets.

How to Maintain Fishing Reel (Detailed Guide)

Step 1: Collecting Stuffs Needed

Before you initiate to clean or maintain fishing reels gadgets, rush to the nearest store and bring these for cleaning:

  • Towel or rag
  • Some Q-tips
  • Warm water
  • Oil


Step 2: Wiping Away Dirt

The primary task that you should do as soon as you finish using your reel is sponge it very lightly with warm soapy water. The fishing line can be cleaned with it as well. But, never wash or rinse it under high water pressure as it may damage the gearing and drag system. Use grease on places like worm gear. Wipe it with clean cloth and let it dry afterward. You can also lightly spray surface spray for better protection.


Step 3 : Disassembling Reel

When it comes to maintaining fishing reels gadgets, you should clean the reel thoroughly. For this purpose, disassemble the reel. Take out the drag knob and slide off the spool in order to clean it from within. Put the cleaning material, such as, oil or grease on the cloth or dip the rag into warm water. Clean the main shaft and replace the spool and drag knob. Keeping the knob untied will let all the pressure pass from the drag washer. You can oil the handle knobs, bail arm springs, folding handle to keep them polished.


Step 4: Removing Parts and Putting Grease

Remove the side plate to clean the gears and bearings and put grease on it. For removing some models offer a detach button and you just have to turn the plate to its opposite direction. You may require a screwdriver to remove side plates in the case of other models. It is necessary to maintain them regularly as well and soak them in a container of mineral turps. Wipe or rinse and let them dry.


Step 5: Oiling the Reel

With the help of Q-tips and oil on it, rub the inside and outside of the bearing. Along with the slide plate, its backside can be oiled too. Cleaning brakes are important also. So, as soon as the spool control mechanisms are done, swipe away dirt from brakes. Q-tips can also be used to put grease on worm drive, spool spindle, reel handle and other moving parts of the reel.


Step 6: Maintaining Rod

The rod and grip should be washed with clean water or warm soapy water. In order to prevent rust, use grease lightly on the rod. Make sure that all the guides are working properly and replace the faulty ones.


As the cleaning procedure is done, assemble all the parts and take a look at your newly polished fishing reel. We should warn you to not disassemble or assemble the fishing reel rather take the expert’s help in this regard, if you find it difficult to deal with.

Do not forget to maintain the hook, lures, baits, spears, nets and other fishing tackles. Always carry reel bags and reel covers to safeguard it in the first place. Never miss to maintain fishing reels gadgets every now and then and have a long-lasting fishing experience!

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