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MARCHWAY Floating Dry Bag | Waterproof Dry Bags

All travelers require a heavy and strong bag pack for their journey. The Dry Bag is a demandable and qualified bag that can meet up all your demands. The dry pack allows the riders to have quality equipment in the structure, and the bag is made in innovative designs that all like and appreciate long.

The waterproof duffel bag and the dry sack can drift on water after rolling and bowed, so you can track your gear simply. The bag is faultless for boating, kayaking, dabbling, sailing, canoeing, surfing or having fun on the seaside. The product is nice for taking stuffing for your holiday gift for relatives and friends or to take your fishing gears securely. The product is 10L and 20L in size, and the dimension is 7.87 x 19.30 inch in measurement. The weight is 0.66 pounds in nature, and it is lightweight also. The product is made of an ultra-tough 500D tarpaulin system.


  • Dimensions 7.87″ x 19.30″
  • Item weight 0.66 pounds
  • Size 10L and 20L
  • Color Multi-color
  • Materials Made of ultra-tough 500D tarpaulin


  • The bag is so lightweight and compact that all can weigh it easily
  • The price is reasonable and inexpensive anyone can buy
  • The design and enterprise are made with innovation
  • There are so many colors that are long-lasting also
  • The design is creative and made with solid features
  • The component and equipment are made with perfect waterproof materials
  • The bag can load much weight and loadings easily
  • The consumers feel to purchase the bag as it looks attractive and waterproof


  • The dry bag is perfect and accurate except there is a problem in the straps. Sometimes, it is too tight that consumers cannot lose it easily.

Common Questions and Answers

  • Question: What is the dimension of the 40l size?
    Answer: The dimension is 40L size whereas the Height is 16.9 x and Bottom Diameter is 11.9 inches.
  • Question: Do all the bags come with the strap?
    Answer: Yes, they come with straps.
  • Question: What will 20L fit?
    Answer: 20L is the one that can fit most of your mechanisms for one- or two-day paddling travel.

Our Remarks

The Dry Bag is compact and easy to use. The bag includes all the lightweight features that all the customers love and appreciate most to carry different camping gears. The product is designed with stronger tools and a nice fabric that it is believed unique indeed. The manufacturing group made the dry bag for travelers and true devotees of rides. The people who demand a strong and waterproof bag pack, this item is suggested for them as it incorporates all the sturdiness and long-lasting features. So, enjoy the nice facts and solid features of the dry bag at a very lower rate that can check your pocket.

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