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KastKing Stealth Review

This KastKing baitcasting reel offers highest performance and strength. You can use it at long distances for casting the biggest fish. It is very easy to handle and control as it has the stopping power to reduce the hassle of maintaining the big fishes.

The reel is designed with rust or corrosion resistance Stealth carbon that supports a smooth operation and lasts long for the use of thousands of days.

It also helps to take acute targets by delivering sharp lightning-fast hook sets. So, there is little chance to miss the target. These powerful lightening hooks can target the smallest fishes ever.

The baitcasting reel is very lightweight, and it is effortless to carry for the professional as competitive casting equipment. This innovative carbon Stealth technology helps to take the targets from a better angle. It offers great performance with compatible and top-class baitcasting fishing rods.

Feature Analysis

1. Carbon Baitcaster

The bait casting reel is made of carbon and weighs  6unnces. The carbon construction makes the wheel lighter than most other reels which is normally made of aluminum. Thanks to reels lightweight design, it will help you to make you an expert angler. . You will enjoy casting over thousands of days.

2. Stealth’s 4-layer carbon disc drag

The drag system of this reel is superbly smooth. The system includes a 4-disc dragging system that provides a dragging power of 16.5 lbs. The manufacturer uses carbon power to make the discs. So, these discs are smooth and strong.

3. Dual Braking System

KastKing Stealth reels incorporate a dual braking system in its reels mechanism. Dual means the reels use a combination of centrifugal brakes and magnetic brakes. The casting process becomes far easier thanks to the dual braking system of the reels.

4. Ball Bearings

There are 11 bearings. These bearings are of high quality. They are corrosion-resistant and remain sharp for a long time for instant hook settings.

5. Other parts of the Reels

The reels provide superior performance since the other parts of the reels are made of high-quality components. For example, spool is made of aircraft-quality aluminum, handle is made of carbon, and knobs are manufactured from EVA material.


  • Item Weight 5.98oz/169.5g
  • Color Crank with Left Hand
  • Ball Bearings 11 + 1BB
  • Gear Ratio 7.0:1


  • Easy to handle and control
  • Super brake system
  • Resists corrosion on the reels
  • Delivering sharp lightning fast hook sets


  • The handle may loose

Final Verdict

At the end of our KastKing Stealth review, we would like to mention that this fishing cast has some silly pitfalls which are not very significant as you can overcome this technically. So, we would like to provide some instructions to avoid the difficulties regarding this KastKing baitcasting reels.

If the handle gets loosened, do not bother as you can tighten it with your hand. You have to tighten the screws so that it fits firmly with the handle. So, by doing this, you can avoid this issue. Don’t get disheartened, even the best baitcasting reels may have some flaws.
If you are highly concerned about the brake system that is very easy to stop when handling the biggest fish, then these KastKing baitcasting reels will be trustworthy. The Stealth carbon technology in the reels provides smoothness and flexibility to use in saltwater. In this KastKing Stealth review, we would like to state that for the professionals it includes competitiveness for the long-distance target. Hope that you enjoy this fishing reel.

Good luck!!!!!

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