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Spiderwire Invisi Braid Review


Ultracast Invisi Braid Superline from SpiderWire is made of polyethylene fibers which have eight strands braided fishing line. These fibers make this braided fishing line fishing line durable and give more strength-per-diameter.

Under the high tension, the surface of Spiderwire Braid Superline remains exceptionally round to have high pick counts.

The materials used in Spiderwire Ultracast make it translucent. The manufacturer provides a clear spool to save your space and weight of tackle box. Lastly, this fishing line is thin, strong, and light.

Feature Analysis

1. PE fibers with large Molecular Weight

Ultracast Invisi Braid Superline from SpiderWire fishing line use PE fibers having large molecular weight which can sustain heavyweight. The fibers are very strong and durable. Its strength per diameter protects the fishing line from break off. So, you do not need to be worried about the weight of the fish.

2. Long distance casting

Due to its no stretch, perfect roundness under high tension and durability, this braided fishing line offers long distance casting which will help you increase catch ratio.

3. Translucency

Spiderwire Ultracast Invisi-Braid Superline is translucent which means it remains nearly invisible in the water. This feature makes Spiderwire fishing line unique over the other braided fishing line.

4. Available in multiple sizes

The Spiderwire fishing line  is available in various lengths and weights. While the length of the fishing line could be 125 yards to 300 yards the weight varies from 6 pound to 50 pounds.  That means you can pick the right one according to your need.


  • Break Strength 10 lbs
  • Color Translucent
  • Packaging Filler Spool
  • Materials Polyethylene Fibers
  • Range 300 Yards


  • Remains nearly invisible under the water
  • A clear spool included
  • Durable, strong and light
  • Increased catch ratio
  • Can be used in both salt and freshwater


  • Translucency may cause difficulty while making knots.

Final Verdict

The con we stated is the main feature of the Spiderwire Invisi Braid fishing line. You can easily overcome this downside with a bit of practice.

This braided fishing line never failed to impress us. We think Spiderwire Invisi Braid is perfect as a fishing tool and worth of buying for an invisible, easy and longer casting.

So, if you want to catch more fish and have a problem with the visibility of fishing line, then this fishing line should be on your wish list.

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