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Lixada Baitcasting Reel Review


Lixada Baitcasting Reel will provide you genuine fisherman experience. The baitcasting reel performs well both in freshwater and saltwater. So, it is a good choice than many other top-quality models of bait casting reels available on the market. The reels also features softer castings and strong gears.

Here we will share you an unbiased review on Lixada Baitcasting Reel and its different features that will make your fishing experience a breeze.

Feature Analysis

1. Magnetic Brake System

The Lixada Baitcasting reel comes with Precision magnetic brake system which allows smooth operation and consistent brake pressure throughout the whole casting.

2. 6.3:1 Gear Ratio

How fast your reel is while retrieving the line around the spool is the gear ratio. It depends on how you fish and how long you will be. This fishing reel comes with 6.3:1 gear ratio that which is more than enough for perfect fishing.

3. 12+1 Ball Bearing

This high-speed baitcasting reel comes with 12+1 ball bearings, which will deliver you a smooth and fast retrieval offers you the eventual  fishing performance.

4. Anti-rust

The construction material of the reel is top quality aluminum alloy which is polished by ultraviolet rays. Thanks to using high grade aluminum and UV ray treatment, the reel is corrosion resistant and prevents easy fading.

5. Stylish

The design of the reel is attractive since it is brightly colored and its glossy appearance further enhanced by polishing the reel using UV rays.


  • Item Weight 192g / 6.8oz
  • Operation Left-handed / Right-handed(Optional)
  • Color White / Black (Optional)
  • Ball Bearings 12+1
  • Gear Ratio 6.3:1
  • Material Aluminum Alloy


  • Very smooth drag
  • Fast retrieve
  • Affordable
  • Well constructed
  • Incredible casting
  • Full range of drag range
  • Excellent spool capacity
  • Stylish


  • Like any skill, baitcasting reels take a little bit of practice to get used to.

Final Verdict

From  above discussion and our experiences we finally want to say you that this Lixada left handed baitcaster reels will deliver you the results, you desired on every occasion.  Whether you like saltwater or freshwater fishing, this will be a joyful time.

We recommend to include this incredible fishing reel to your fishing tools collection because of its innovative design and durability.  You will not be disappointed if you choose your baitcasting reel as per our reviews and buyer’s guide.

For the novice angler it might take some time to get the skill of baitcasting reel, but do not worry, have patience, and you will be master in this

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