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How to Get a SC Fishing License | Tips for Avid Anglers

how to get a sc fishing license
Written by Immanuel Baranov
Last Update: March 8, 2022

No matter if you’re a permanent resident of South Carolina or not, you can always opt for a South Carolina fishing license. If you follow our instructions, you might be able to get the license in a flash.

South Carolina state government implemented an enhanced recreational licensing system in 2006. From that date fishing or hunting license is easy to get. Even, you can get South Carolina Fishing license online. But for that, you need to go through some procedures.

Documents for Getting South Carolina Fishing License

If you are 16 years older and more, you need a South Carolina non-commercial or non-game fishing license for fishing types of water in the state. It is mandatory to submit some documents to get the South Carolina fishing or hunting license. Before reading farther check some of the best fishing reels for your fishing adventure.

But document submissions vary for applicant type to type. Such as if you are a permanent resident you need to submit different papers that non- resident citizens. Students need to provide various documents unlike international customers and military personnel. See the points below.

  • For obtaining a South Carolina hunting & fishing license, you are obliged to present a state-issued identification document when you apply. The same applies to internet/call center operations.
  • Do not provide false or fake information as it is unlawful. You should keep the fishing license when hunting or fishing once you get this. Provide your social security number and alien identification number to obtain South Carolina fishing license. Besides that, you need to provide a noncompliant certificate of child support payments.
  • For permanent residents, residency identification cards or driving licenses are to be submitted. If you are non-residence citizen, you need to provide your local residential documents to obtain the permit. But, if you got a license in your state, you are not eligible for getting SC fishing non-commercial license.
  • If you are military personnel and dependents of military personnel stationed in SC for thirty days or longer or domiciled in this state are eligible for resident privileges. You need to submit your valid military identification when you apply for the license. But if you are an SC resident by born and stationed outside SC or on leave, you don’t need fishing or hunting license although you need to submit your earnings and leave statement to avail the privilege.
  • If you are a foreign applicant, you may provide your passport instead of a state identification document. If you are full time enrolled student In SC institutions, you are entitled to the same privileges as a permanent resident of SC. For students, a valid student ID is required while applying for a license.

Where to Purchase the SC License?

Getting the fishing license in SC is straightforward. Go to the official website of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources for online purchase, or you can call at- 1-866-714-3611. You’ll find approved license agents throughout the state; so you can contact one of them as well.


License Rates for Different Applicant Types

Wondering how much is a fishing license in South Carolina? Well, this depends on the applicant types and duration. For instance, if you are an SC resident applying for a non-commercial license for 14 days, you need to pay 5$. For one year or three years, you have to spend $10 and $15 accordingly. A commercial freshwater license will set you back 50 dollars annually.

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