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Shakespeare Agility Reel Review


Shakespeare Agility Reel provides great fishing performance as it has a multi-disk drag system to increase or decrease the amount of drag needed to apply. Through this multidisc drug system, you can pull even larger fishes with precision. Previously people had to use their thumbs to pull the fishes, and there was the risk of missing the targets due to the difficulties of handling the fishes. But these modern and stylish low profile baitcasting reels have multi-disk drag systems with button clicks to increase the flexibility of casting the fishes.

The handle and spindle offer smooth feel and dependability as it is very lightweight enough to pull the giant fishes from a long distance with accuracy. The gear is very durable as it does not damage for a long time of use of the reels. If you think the casting as recreational, you can use this right-handed reel as it is very comfortable and easy to use.

Feature Analysis

1. Adjustable Magnetic Cast Control

Shakespeare agility low profile reel provides adjustable magnetic cast control, and you will feel flexible as you can handle the giant fish when they conflict with the reel to get free from this fishing reel. This is an exclusive feature of good quality baitcasting reels.

2. Machined aluminum ported spool

The aluminum ported spools hold the fishing line when rotating on the spindle by the gears during the cast. These aluminum ported spools are very lightweight, but also incredibly rigid and durable, with a unique clean-cut construction that has the highest torque capacity.

3. Brass drive and pinion gears for durability

Brass drive and pinion gears are connected to the handle and the spindle strongly. This pinion gear is designed in such a way so that with each successive rotation of the handle the number of spindle rotations increases. This low-profile reel has a perfect gear ratio.

4. 2+1 Instant Anti-Reverse bearings

The anti-reverse lever prevents the reel from rotating backward. Without these 2+1 anti-reverse bearings, the gearbox can rotate in either direction which would increase the complexities to balance the speed.

5. Drag Adjustment Knob

The drag mechanism consists of a set of washers that makes a connection between the spool and the shaft. An adjustment knob on the spool’s front is used to control the intensity of friction.


  • Product Dimensions 7.5 x 5.9 x 3.2 inches
  • Item Weight 6.4 ounces
  • Color Black
  • Item model number AGLPB


  • The perfect controlled drag system
  • Offer smooth feel and dependability
  • Very lightweight enough to pull the giant fishes
  • Cover long distance with accuracy
  • comfortable and easy to use.


  • If you cast with any aggressiveness at all, it locks up

Final Verdict

Sometimes you become aggressive when casting the fishes as you use this reel for competitive purposes. If your mission is to win in a race of hunting fishes, you may take an aggressive position for making the casting quickly. But for your convenience, we would like to share that do not take violent moves with this Shakespeare Agility Reel as it locks up if you try to cast very fast.

But this is not a very significant downside that cannot be controlled. You can handle this issue by building consciousness. You should use the reel smoothly as it is a technology product so can hang anytime when too much pressure is put on it.

In this Shakespeare Agility Reel review, we would like to provide a more useful instructions so that you can handle this issue. If the reel locks up, then you have to unspool the entire reel and keep stop for a while, and you will see after a few minutes it does its job perfectly.

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