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KastKing Rover Review

When you go for offshore fishing or want to conquer the beasts in the deep of the ocean, you may sometimes find that these species are fighting with each other and it is very difficult to capture them in the fish hunting equipment. The KastKing Rover is very amazing as it has a wonderful drag system to handle the giant species in the saltwater.

It is lightweight to pull big fishes. When you drag the large fishes from quite a distance, you may lose the control of pulling if the reel is too much heavy. But this baitcasting reel is quite perfect regarding the size. If you are a beginner, you can get this KastKing reel.

This carbon fiber reel is designed with stainless steel so that it can protect against rust or corrosion that may arise from fishing in saltwater over a long time.

Feature Analysis

1. Aluminum frame

The frame is designed with aluminum. The handle is also made of aluminum which offers a stronghold for the big fish. It does not smash as sometimes giant species fight with the casting equipment to get free from this fish hunting equipment.

2. Stainless steel main shaft

The main shaft that captures the beasts, fishes or worms in the deep saltwater is constructed with rust-protective stainless steel. The saltwater cannot reduce its longevity and provides an aesthetic look for your Saltwater conventional reels. So, if you are a professional hunter, then you can carry it when traveling to offshore to enjoy the adventure of capturing deep giant species.

3. Superior Carbon Fiber Drag System

The KastKing Rover baitcasting reel is quite powerful when compared to its competition. The reel incorporates carbon fiber dragging system that provides smooth dragging of heavyweights. If you take into account the dragging power of the reel and its price, the model is inexpensive compare to other models of baitcasting reels

4. Saltwater Baitcasting Reel

The reel is strongly built since it has electroplated aluminum side plates and a spool made of high-quality aluminum. The shaft of the reel is made of brass and the components are made of stainless steel. Because of the inclusion of these features KastKing Rover baitcasting reel is corrosion-resistant and is perfect for saltwater fishing.


  • Max Drag UP to 20LBS / 9KG Drag
  • Gear High graded aluminum
  • Reel Carbon fiber
  • Material Stainless Steel


  • Easy to drag the giant species
  • Sufficiently lightweight to handle big fishes
  • Offers perfect size
  • Protect rust or corrosion


  • Learning curve involved

Final Verdict

Sometimes you may face difficulties when handling big fishes, the KastKing rover baitcasting reel best suited for the more experienced anglers who have better control and accuracy. The inertia has to be strong enough to move the spool rotates as you cast. It requires experience and skill and often, a full season’s worth of practice before they can be used effectively.

This is not a very significant downside that can’t be handled. You have to practice to learn how to adjust baitcasting reel and how to achieve better control on the reel to handle bigger fishes when it is fighting with the reel.

If you are highly concerned about the drag system of the reel, KastKing Rover will be very appreciable as it has a sturdy spool handle and aluminum-graded gear that offers superior smoothness and flexibility for this casting operation. Hope that you will enjoy this Conventional Reel.

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