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Written by Immanuel Baranov
Last Update: March 8, 2022

Fishing is a profession to many while it is a leisurely job or hobby to others. Even, some take it as an adventure. Fishing boots are highly useful for fishing especially for shore fishing, ice fishing, and other marshy areas. For different fishing environments, there are different fishing boots. Whether yours is a pair of ice fishing boots or fly fishing boots, it is susceptible to damage if you leave it unclean for a while. For widespread and long-term uses, you do not just have to clean your fishing gadgets; your fishing boots should be included on your list. Even for waterproof fishing boots and best ice fishing boots, you need to clean it on a regular basis.

For effective cleaning, you need to take some steps so that you will not do any permanent damage to your boots.

Cleaning Mud, sand and other debris

  • First thing fist! Clean off sand, mud and any other debris right after fishing and if possible before leaving the fishing grounds. It will help prevent infection against New Zealand mud snails, rock snot, and other things. Try to use fresh water, as salt water of a sea or dirty lake water will further damage your fishing boots.
  • Use a vegetable brush while cleaning. This is very helpful to remove dirt and mud from outside as well as from inside.
  • You can use hot water to soak your boot. Soak for thirty minutes in 120 degree Celsius water will kill most germs and parasites.
  • Hot water combined with a salt solution can prevent germs as well as remove salts from deep inside of your fishing boots.
  • Before soaking hot water, you can use a sprayer, especially high pressure one to clean soles, cracks and outside of the boots.
  • For waterproof fishing boots, do not soak it or use hot water as it can damage the shoes. Use 100% vinegar solution instead, as it will also help to remove dirt and especially salt for your shoes.

Disinfect your fishing boots


If the fishing waters have known invasive like hydrilla, New Zealand mud snails, didymo and whirling disease, it is essential to disinfect all of your fishing gears and boots. You may require to call wildlife agencies around you to know exact instruction.

Disinfection also helps eliminate bacteria and germs that may cause mold, odors, and fungus in your fishing boots.

To disinfect your boots submerge them in hot water for 5 minutes. The water is needed to be at least 140 degrees Celsius.

You may also found some cleaning stations to do the disinfecting ob.

You can also freeze your boots for around 48 hours to disinfect your boots. It will kill any microorganism presents in your boots. Stick your boots in a bag and put it in the freezer. For best result, use a chest freezer.

Drying your fishing boot under the sun

After disinfect and cleaning correctly, dry it entirely in the sun. Dry to up to 5 days before going to next fishing. Drying correctly will kill some general and common parasite and species.

It is always recommended to dry in the sun. However, if the sun isn’t the forecast then use boots dryer instead.

Drying is as much necessary as cleaning, because bacteria and germs may grow in your boots if left wet.

Some particular types of boots, such as fly fishing boots and ice fishing boots need a little different cleaning technique.

Cleaning Ice Boots


Ice boots are luxurious to look and very warm to wear. To keep it as new and maintain your style you need to clean them regularly. Before cleaning, however, you need to follow and support some rules. Those rules include;

Washers and dryers are not suitable for ice boots

Do not use direct heat sources

You can use a boot dryer to dry inside of the boot

Use sheepskin cleaner to clean your ice boots as it will wipe your shoes as well as protect the leather

Now, it’s time to follow some guideline and polish your shoes.

At first wet your boots entirely

Use sheepskin cleaner, cleaning brush and dry sponge to clean your shoes

Spread the sheepskin cleaner and use the brush to clean your boots thoroughly

When it is washed, rinse your boots with cold water

Dry out your boots for a day. Do not use any direct heat source. If your boots are dry outside, you can use boots dryer to complete the job.

Final Words

Fishing boots are essential for those who go fishing now and then. It is also used for lake fishing, river fishing, and shore fishing. Among other fishing accessories, fishing boots are little hard to clean. To keep your shoes useful and stylish like new, you need to clean them regularly.

The number of invasive species is also rising, and they spread through boots and fishing gears. So, it even necessary to disinfect your fishing boots as well. Following the cleaning, the procedure is not laborious, and once you are habituated with these cleaning methods, you will find it very useful and enjoyable as well.

We believe it will be easier for you now to clean your fishing boots more effectively. You can still write back for any question and to get any information regarding fishing guideline and safety issues.

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